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Which Booth works for your type of event?

When searching for the right photo booth you start to realize that there are so many options now and days to choose from. From the Digital Booth, Printing Booth, Roaming Booths, Glam Booths and now the 360 Booths. do you know which one works best for you? Things to consider is first, your price range, space, and what is offered to you. The Digital Booth is usually the best priced option as oppose to the Printing Booth, while the 360 slow motion video recording booth is the top tier booth. Most booths require an 8x8 space but a 360 Booth requires a 10x10 space. Most booths offer Backdrops, props, template, set up and break down, social sharing, Boomerangs/GIFs, welcome screen and an online gallery. But don't be shy to ask if they are having any promotions for the month, you might get in on a great deal!

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